Our Company
Intelligene stands as one of the pioneering drug development companies in Taiwan's biotechnology sector. We are at the forefront of advancing gene therapeutics through siRNA-based drugs, utilizing a revolutionary approach that harnesses the power of RNA interference technology to combat formidable adversaries. Our mission is to confront the looming threats of pandemics and influenza. Our dedicated team of scientists and researchers is united by a shared purpose: to safeguard and improve human well-being by developing innovative solutions. These solutions not only address the immediate challenges posed by infectious diseases but also hold the promise of a healthier future.
siRNA can be introduced into cells from external sources or produced within cells as part of the RNA interference pathway.

LNP Drug Delivery Technology

LNP cell encapsulation technologies is overcoming the challenge of enabling RNA drugs to traverse within the human body for effective treatment.

Inside our bodies, RNA fuels countless vital functions, including mRNA (messenger RNA) and siRNA (small interfering RNA). Our spotlight today is on siRNA, a powerful tool that silences undesirable protein expression—particularly promising in combating diseases rooted in specific proteins.